Worlds of light

30.10.2014 - 15.11.2014

The white sheet is like an endless snow field. And then it is hit by a ray of light. The Creation of Alexander Telalim begins. The sacrament draws the shadows in and chases them far away. Sunflowers burst in flames, swirling colorful fireworks disperse the dessert Cosmos, Icarus has reached the sun.

The light touches the iris-colored night and showers a pair of lovers with drops of golden delicacy. Welcomed life as a torch of Life, Telalim exalts Love as its companion. With the sanctity of a halo, with the innocent transparency of a stained glass window or the ethereality of a muse, love reveals the maker’s purest nature.

Light uncovers new, unexpected worlds in Telalim’s canvas. It is his signature, his sword, his feather.

Light in Telalim’s works makes us search for the light in ourselves.