Exhibition of Pavlin Kovachev

14.01.2015 - 07.02.2015

The Art of Pavlin Kovachev is magic that changes us. It repeals the rules and challenges us to think, to go beyond the narrow confines of our daily lives. It leads us to unexpected revelations and states of mind.
Each work is a journey - to favorite place, an unforgettable experience, to the internal peace of each of us. Each spectator experiences in his own way the contact with the paintings of Pavlin Kovachev. The author leads us to his world of images, colors, feelings and thoughts, but after we find ourselves there, we are starting our own journey.
In the world of Pavlin Kovachev the color is an event, an impulse and enthusiasm. Causing unique emotions it finds the way to the heart of the viewer. Colorful facades, segmented terrain, deep perspective of landscapes in whatever color tones are marked by harmony, lightness and delicacy, creating a feeling of magic.
The meeting with the paintings of Pavlin Kovachev is deeply personal experience wearing a rich palette of emotions that fill our senses to the extreme. The author meets us with the living face of the reality which overcomes the nature of the objects, vibrating with colors, carrying lofty messages. Nothing is at rest - images follow one another, overflow, constantly transforming, for a moment gaze captures the silence that is sprayed like a fountain of living colors.
The obtained load from the colors will warms our hearts for long.


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