About us

Why we do this?

This project made possible the fulfillment of a dream. Dream with history. Long grown. History of the ability to change direction to our life. The awareness that one is thy believed. For the happiness from create - ideas, projects and new realities. With friends and followers, even with strangers.

At first it had no name. We decided that TEA ALBA will suit. TEA ALBA is like a white sheet on which can be painted. Even with tea. Art space, which presents the creative impulse, imagination, emotion of the modern Bulgarian artists. And a palette of tea - white, green, black, red, each with its own flavor, aromatic and color shade.

We wanted individuality. We wanted a place with its own rhythm, energy and radiation. A place where people can come even to saturate their senses and feel the beauty. We wanted to create demand for art. To discover new worlds in front of you. Together to seek new inspirations.

Our project is related with the tea, but it is a project and for art also.

We rely on the idea that culture, art and spirituality are very important means of preserving the national identity in the modern globalized world. Universal, common to all mankind language of art represents Bulgaria in the field of aesthetics, philosophy, humanism, with the best examples of the culture of Europe.

This makes the special presentation of the Bulgarian artist very important giving him a new identity and creates a special value. Investing in art means to support the one who creates it, but also get the added value of a unique emotion.

We put emphasis on the theme of tea, whose preparation in itself is an art. By tea and the atmosphere of the tea we exhibit works of art and present their authors.

We promise to be not only beautiful, but also very interesting. We will mix the arts, we will present favorite authors and young talents, we will change the focus, we will not stop with ours creative pursuits.

About the project itself

The aim of the project is to demonstrate, to compare and overlay a palette of types and applications of tea / beauty, health, aesthetics / to that of the original works of art - applied, graphics, painting - on the subject of tea as inspiration and association. Part of the process "anti-stress, recharge, stimulation of the senses" is actually the making of tea  itself, for which purpose will be offered original accessories from the applied art - cups, teapots, tea boxes, candles, candle holders.

The use of tea made directly of the leaves of tea plant Camellia sinensis, is not traditionally inherent in Bulgaria. Over the past two decades is perceived very positively by customers, not only as part of the exotic and the philosophy of the East, but also as a powerful antioxidant, to maintain the health and energy of the human body. Wonderful scents of jasmine, cinnamon, bergamot, citrus, ginger, cherry used in flavored tea blends are composed according to the season and time of day. For you we have chosen a special selection of elite varieties of tea with high quality and guaranteed origin. In combination with the atmosphere of the gallery, we want to offer not just aesthetic pleasure but also unforgettable experience.

Our project is financed by the Operational Program "Human Resources Development" (OP HRD). For success in the enterprise we rely on three "pillars" that will be introduced in phases:

  1. Create a business oriented website that provides a visual representation of our identity - gallery for selling tea and art pictures.
  2. Sale and activities with tea.
  3. Organization of exhibitions of art from various genres. Consultation in the selection of the customer.

The project contributes to the increase in economic activity and the level of employment the following main areas of intervention OPHRD:

  • Promoting employment through entrepreneurship development;
  • Promote flexibility of the labor market;

What we want to achieve?

The overall objective of the project is the successful launch and development of private business - creating a new operating entity from registered at the employment office unemployed person, with the support (grants from OP HRD) for unemployed persons to start their own business.

The project proposal is aimed at creating a new business model in the field of entrepreneurship, offering tea and original artworks.

The newly established art gallery will be artistic and spiritual space, aesthetic oriented to contemporary use of tea:

  • in healthy lifestyles as part of a global ecosystem;
  • the possibility for the individual to find his range of interests;
  • in developing regard of connoisseur to the original art, aesthetic taste, desire for collectibles.

The project in the broadest sense is aimed at achieving the objectives of the Lisbon Strategy and the European Employment Strategy. The project proposal is based on the objectives set by the EU in the Community Strategic Guidelines for Cohesion, and more precisely on target "Attracting and retaining more people in employment". The project meets the priorities of the employment policy of Bulgaria and targets in the "National Reform Program" namely "Increasing the economic activity of the population and employment", respectively Axis 1 of OP HRD "Promotion of economic activity and development labor market inclusive" and the main area of intervention in it "Employment through entrepreneurship". The project is in line with the "Municipal Development Plan of Sofia Municipality 2007-2013" in the part of the development strategy of the Municipality of Sofia. The project could be replicated in another municipality or village in the country.

As a result of the project we will have increased institutional and management capacity, as well as more knowledge about development and project application and absorption of EU structural funds.